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Thank you for considering adoption

If you are ready to adopt a pet, please start by completing the adoption questionnaire:

Dog Questionnaire


To consider before continuing:

  • The minimum adoption age for VKB pets is 25 years.

  • It is a family decision to adopt. Please make sure your partner or spouse is on board with this decision before applying to adopt a rescue. 

  • VKB's adoption fees vary in price depending on the species, age, size, and breed of the animal. Adoption fees are scaled based not only on the average medical cost per animal but also on the amount needed to continue to allow VKB to help future animals in need.

  • Rescue animals have coloured histories, many will require patience and love to become the best versions of themselves. 

  • If you are approved for adoption we will schedule an appointment for a meet and greet. If it goes well, you can start the adoption trial right away. Please only apply if you are ready to start the adoption immediately, we cannot hold animals for you until you return from an upcoming holiday or trip.

  • VKB operates with a mandatory 14-day trial adoption. During these two weeks, you will get to know your pet and your pet will get to know you. We are dedicated to matching pets into a home that will forever commit to the animal's care.

  • If you are approved for adoption and in the very worst-case scenario you are no longer able to keep your pet, please do not sell, re-home, or otherwise abandon it. Please contact us. VKB will always do its best to help.

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