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Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue animal. At VKB we have over 200 animals that we care for, however, not all of them are suitable for adoption. Some may be suffering from medical issues, may be reactive, or maybe incredibly shy and scared. 

We do not list or promote all of the animals we have for adoption, instead, we ask people who are fully ready to adopt to complete the adoption questionnaire and let us know your ideal pet (this includes breed, demeanour, age, etc). If we have a cat or dog that fits your description and if you are a good match, we will contact you and set up a meet and greet in South Lantau. 

We offer a two-week trial adoption period for each adoption case. This is a period of time where each party ensures that the pairing is a match. In some cases, we do home visits. 

Each animal that is suitable for adoption is fully vaccinated, chipped and licensed, and desexed (if old enough). We are funded only by donations and adoption fees, as we have no other revenue to help us rescue animals.  Your adoption fee will help us to continue to rescue, vaccinate, and rehabilitate animals in need. 


Small animals 500
Mixed breed adult dogs/Domestic Shorthair cats (older than 12 months) 1.5k
Mixed breed puppies/ Domestic Shorthair kittens (younger than 12 months) 1.8k
Adult pedigree dogs (older than 12 months) /cats + kittens  2.5k

12 months or younger pedigree / hybrid puppies 4k*

*In many cases puppies that are adopted are too young to undergo the desexing procedure. If you wish to adopt a puppy that is not old enough to be desexed, the adopter will agree to have the operation done and bare the costs. VKB will request proof of the procedure.  

We do our best to ensure the health of each animal before promoting it for adoption but do also expect our adopters to understand that rescue animals will sometimes require vet attention beyond what we are able to provide to them. 

We are a very small team of volunteers who have other full-time commitments, so we send our apologies for not being able to contact every adoption applicant. We contact successful applications only. Please note that on average, only 1 in every dozen applications is suitable and we don't have the time to ask follow-up questions, so please do take your time and try to show us your personality so we can be sure you will provide a wonderful home. 

If you are at least 25 years of age and READY to adopt, having discussed it with each member of your household, please visit the adoption questionnaire page

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